Jenny Jing Zhu

Founder | Chairwomen of the Board | Impact Investor 


Would you believe that a girl from a remote village in Shandong, China, without electricity or basic amenities, could one day stand as a Chairwoman on the global stage? This is her story—her journey from humble beginnings to the forefront of entrepreneurship and empowerment.

Jenny’s early life was marked by determination to change her family’s fate, starting with jobs like hotel maid and esthetician, and progressing to entrepreneurship with ventures like a dry cleaning business and a matchmaking service. Moving to the United States brought new challenges, including starting as a nanny and later pursuing design studies. In 2008, amidst the financial crisis and single motherhood, she founded Lush Décor Home, overcoming business betrayals and personal trials to achieve financial freedom.

Now serving as Chairwoman of the Board, she champions women’s empowerment and entrepreneurship, receiving accolades like EY’s Entrepreneur of the Year and Enterprising Women of the Year awards. Her journey inspires others to overcome challenges and realize their dreams.