Own your voice and build a life

and business you’re excited for!

Own your voice and build a life and business you’re excited for!


We are a collective of successful Pan Asian women, united in a singular vision: to cultivate a future rich with accomplished and empowered Pan Asian women. Our journey began as individual stories of triumph and resilience, and now, we join hands to amplify the voices of other aspiring Pan Asian women entrepreneurs and executives. At the heart of our endeavor is a commitment to uplift and empower. We believe in the power of mentoring and coaching, offering a platform where wisdom, experience, and support flow freely.

Our mission is multi-faceted yet focused

To Own Our Own Voice. We encourage Pan Asian women to speak boldly and authentically, to stand firmly in their truth, and to lead with confidence.

Promoting Financial Security. We are dedicated to enhancing the financial independence and success of Pan Asian entrepreneurs and executives. Our goal is to turn aspirations into tangible achievements.

Building Our Table of Influence. We strive to create spaces where our voices and ideas can flourish, where leadership and innovation are not just welcomed, but expected.

Giving Back. Our commitment extends beyond professional success. We aim to enrich our communities through impactful programs, ensuring that our growth is intertwined with the welfare of those around us.

Our journey is not just about individual success, it’s about creating a legacy of strength, influence, and generosity. We invite you to join us in this endeavor, to be part of a movement that shapes a brighter, more equitable future for Pan Asian women.


Carolyn Joshua, as President & CEO of Trilyon, Inc., has shaped the narratives of tech giants like Google and Cisco with her visionary leadership. Beyond her corporate achievements, Carolyn’s commitment to fostering global leaders through How Women Lead and championing diversity at ITServe Alliance showcases her role as a transformative leader. With academic roots in Stanford and UC Berkeley, Carolyn is redefining leadership for a new era.

Doris Yeh, Mirapath’s CEO and Co-Founder, isn’t just a leader; she’s a Silicon Valley luminary. Honored as a 2018 Woman of Influence, Doris exemplifies the power of breaking barriers and leading with purpose. Her journey inspires women to dream big and forge their paths in tech and beyond.

Together, Carolyn and Doris are at the forefront of empowering women and promoting diversity in the tech industry. As USPACC-WISE co-chairs, they’re not just leading—they’re creating a legacy of opportunity and inspiration for future women leaders.