Empowering Connections: Highlights from Our Local Meetups

Join us in celebrating the success of our recent local WISE meetups, where dynamic leaders and inspiring conversations ignited a spark of empowerment and innovation within our community. Discover the moments that made these gatherings unforgettable and stay tuned for more opportunities to connect, learn, and grow together.

Local WISE Meet-Ups in Houston​

We had the pleasure of hosting local USPAACC WISE meetups in Houston, TX, with the dynamic Cassandra Faire, and in Santa Clara, CA, with the inspiring Dolly Tao, known for her expertise in Procurement Product Strategy and Analytics. These gatherings were made truly special thanks to the incredible women leading them. Their passion, expertise, and leadership turned these events into vibrant platforms for connection, inspiration, and empowerment. It’s an honor to have such phenomenal leaders within our USPAACC-WISE community.